This is Our Year

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Vol. 1, Issue 1

In December 2011, Unification News ended its thirty year run and a new publication was born: UC magazine is a collection of stories, inspiration and people you know that give insight into what it means to be a Unificationist. Our community is diverse and amazing; we inherit the true love of God by being the church that is inspired by the Word, empowered to strive for excellence, encouraged to connect to others and excited to contribute. It is in this idea that we release our first issue of UC magazine.

Our spring issue is a call to Unificationists to make this year of possibilities OUR year! What have you done to inspire yourself lately? How are you empowered? What are you doing to connect? How are you contributing? UC magazine readers will gain insight into how to love life and make this a great year! Learn why our youth are proud to be Unificationists, discover our heritage with new eyes, broaden your vision of peace by understanding Reverend Moon’s vision for the 21st century, and welcome new people and new perspectives into your home.

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