The Brothers’ Journey

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Traveling Tales of John and Chris Ogden

Vol 2. Issue 3 Summer 2013 Fully Alive.

The following interview segment appears in full in the June issue of UC magazine, Fully Alive. World Travelers: Brothers in Both Worlds, is an interview with Chris and John Ogden, two brothers who traveled the world together, joined the church together and have both had spiritual journeys that impacted their lives deeply. Life is worth living when we are fully alive, but that doesn’t happen by accident. We have the opportunity, take it or not, to experience the power of time off and a change of scene or pace to stimulate our creativity, or of utilizing spiritual practice to develop the spiritual selves we so often ignore during the mundanity of daily life. We can choose to be a part of the change we want to see in the world. We can discover the awesome community that is right in front of us. UC magazine invites you on a journey of discovery to explore what it means to be fully alive.

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