After much consideration and feedback, we have decided to stop the production of the magazine (UC and its new deeperlife version) at this time. Due to a lack of funding and insufficient subscriptions, we could not cover the cost for production. Ideally, when we reach a solid number of subscribers or have raised enough funds, we can consider printing the magazine again.

The staff at UC magazine would like to thank subscribers for their loyalty and support. We could not have put this publication together without our readers. Those who have subscribed for the current year will receive a full refund for all of their remaining subscription.

In the meantime, past issues are still available to order either through or through our office.  Simply click on the issue you want to purchase to learn more.

If the magazine should begin again in the future we will let you know. If you have any questions you can contact me directly at


Shinyoung Chang

Take a look at the past issues of Deeper Life magazine, formerly UC magazine, to view samples of the magazine and to receive ordering instructions for a copy of any issue you missed! If you are a subscriber but have not yet received your issue, please contact us at Individual copies of the magazine are now available on

Our offices no longer carry back-copies of Volume 1, issue 3-4 Autumn 2012. If you missed this issue and would like a copy, click the link below and order yours today! All other issues from 2012 are still available through us.

Order Back Copies

Vol. 2 Issue 4 Summer 2013
Vol. 2 Issue 3 Summer 2013
Vol. 2 Issue 2 Spring 2013
Vol. 2 Issue 1 Winter 2013
Vol. 1 Issue 6 Winter 2012
Vol. 1 Issue 5 Winter 2012
Vol. 1 Issue 3-4 Autumn 2012
Vol. 1 Issue 2 Summer 2012
Vol. 1 Issue 1 Spring 2012

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